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Global Strategic Consulting

We provide consulting and advisory services in Baghdad, Beirut and Washington DC.

Get to know us

Mantid International is a consulting firm with registered offices and presence in Baghdad, Beirut, Guam and Washington, DC. We provide consulting and advisory services with a focus on compliance, business and political intelligence, public policy, anticorruption, and strategic planning. Mantid is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, a member of the International Stabilization Operations Association and the Iraq American Chamber of Commerce. Mantid maintains ITAR and TRACE certification and is registered in the U.S. Federal Contractor Database.

Our Services

Mantid also maintains staff with expertise in regional Middle East markets including Qatar. And, Mantid has strategic partnerships with companies that perform similarly high-quality services in Afghanistan and Guam.
In Iraq, Mantid maintains its knowledge and longstanding relationships with top level officials and experts in government, law, accounting and business. While focused on international and U.S. companies working in Iraq, Mantid also provides support to various Iraq Government clients providing due diligence and investigative support, training and advice on anti-corruption, economic and social development initiatives.

Mantid works with our Iraq clients to identify international companies and investors capable of meeting the country’s growing private- and public-sector requirements. On the other side of the equation, Mantid provides its corporate clients with timely business and political intelligence and unparalleled strategic advice on positioning for success. Mantid supports the integration of international firms into the Iraqi business environment, helping to vet and perform due diligence on local partners and subcontractors. Mantid also maintains a team of highly experienced Iraqi experts in law and accounting that contribute to an innovative and effective knowledge base that informs our strategies.

To accomplish its mission, Mantid leverages the trust and respect that our consultants have earned over the past 15 years working with a diverse cross-section of Iraqi political, civil-society, and business figures as well as U.S. and international organizational leadership.
In Lebanon, Mantid represents U.S. and international companies that are keen on maintaining an effective business presence in the region and providing products and services through specialized U.S. or international funding. Mantid also provides political and business intelligence for the Lebanon market and has affiliations with top quality legal practices that can assist businesses with a wide range of needs.
In the United States, Mantid focuses on federal policy in emerging markets. We maintain ties to key decision makers, influential scholars, and major media outlets, and track Congressional and federal trends that will impact our clients. Mantid also provides advisory support to a number of U.S. commercial and government entities, keeping them apprised of the latest developments in the region. Our leadership is regularly consulted by U.S. and international policy organizations, influential academics and the media on Iraq and regional matters. We also maintain strong ties to the Embassy of Iraq in Washington and to organizations that maintain an interest in Iraq and the region.
In Guam, Mantid brings to the fore the expertise of its partners in federal policy, federal contracting, economic development and a unique understating of the island, its people, culture and history. We maintain ties to a wide array of decision-makers, business and community leaders that stretches back over four decades. We are strong believers in a future for Guam built on its ancient people and its strategic advantage at the crossroads of the Pacific where it is valued as a military and tourism powerhouse. Buttressed with the transparency and protections of legal U.S. jurisprudence, the many advantages of the island reverberate through the local assessment “Guam is Good.”