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Mantid was hired by a company that holds a large U.S. government funded program in a foreign country to help it re-establish and strengthen its communication lines with the foreign government and redesign its compliance posture.

As a direct result of Mantid efforts, the company reduced compliance costs by 70%, secured key exemptions from costly local requirements, successfully overcame politically motivated attacks, streamlined its operations and built up its reputation with key foreign decision makers. These actions won the full support of the host government, and the company was re-awarded the forward year contract.
Mantid was hired by a large firm that occupies a strategic role in support of the US Government in a foreign country. The company had tried for years to comply with the foreign government regulations but without the right advisors, the regulations were putting an unfair burden on the company. This firm was torn between the demands of the foreign regulations and laws, and the technical terms dictated by the US contract under which they operated.

The solution required more than simply understanding compliance requirements, but rather building a tailored strategy to navigate the finest nuances of local laws and regulations, enlisting the support of U.S. government diplomats, working closely with foreign accounting experts and mentors to engage and educate local technocrats on international standards.

Through this approach, Mantid secured an outcome that not only arrived at resolution, but created a precedent for more equitable application of compliance costs for all U.S. companies.

The resulting outcomes reduced client costs by more than 50%.
Mantid was retained by a company to support its operations in the Middle East. The company changed ownership, and in the process, was required to settle outstanding tax and labor fees accumulated from a legacy business registration which involved payments and penalties going back five years.

A large international accounting firm determined the company had liabilities in the millions of dollars, but did not provide a roadmap for achieving compliance.

Mantid brought a team including the top certified auditors of the country to work through all of the issues and within months, had correctly structured the compliance strategy and settled all prior outstanding taxes due and saved 80% over the international accountancy’s estimates. Mantid also established a solid internal compliance system that correctly reported operations under the foreign country's complex regulatory environment resulting a reasonable compliance burden moving forward.
Mantid was retained by a mid-sized company that had provided support under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. The company had a breakdown in communications with the host government compounded by a targeted campaign by a competitor.

Mantid successfully repaired the relationship with the host government, corrected the record, which had been impacted by unfair attacks and reports, identified strong local support and partners and streamlined compliance.

As a result of the strategy employed by Mantid, the company received a new signature FMS contract and is in active discussions for more projects.
Mantid won a $10 million annual contract to support the provincial government of Babylon, Iraq to help them execute and improve engineering management, project management, procurement and oversight, and produce a strategic plan for the province.

As part of the contract, Mantid set up a fully functioning headquarters in Babylon and brought in foreign engineering, planning and procurement experts who both assisted the province in executing ongoing projects (schools, hospitals, roads, power plants, equipment, sewer systems, municipal buildings, etc.) and trained provincial engineering staff in international standards and best practices. In the process, Mantid experts identified key shortfalls in critical public infrastructure including a school building that was unsafe for children.

Mantid’s actions resulted in immediate actions to ensure safety and adherence to standards. Mantid also provided tailored templates for engineering and contracting processes that the province used as a basis for building its internal capabilities.
Mantid has provided anti-corruption advisory services to clients of foreign governments to assist them in identifying, investigating and mitigating public corruption. Such advisory services are tailored to specific regions and include innovative use of non-traditional techniques and strategies to address corruption, money-laundering, auditing, inspection, investigation and accountability.

Mantid also works with strategic partners who provide global due diligence and investigative support to supplement Mantid’s on-the-ground investigation capabilities to provide enhanced vetting support to clients.

Mantid's senior consultants are experts with over 25 years of experience in their fields. They have advised international government leaders and management in methods for addressing these complex and dangerous issues. Multiple recommendations made by Mantid staff have been adopted in various forms as part of foreign government orders and regulations that have addressed corruption and improved efficiencies for foreign companies doing business in those countries.