From assisting in the establishment of a new branch of a foreign company, through comprehensive reviews of existing compliance controls to identify gaps and areas for improvement – Mantid supports the full life cycle of compliance needs for international and U.S. companies in Iraq and Lebanon.

For U.S./International companies seeking to understand the detailed and often opaque compliance rules in Iraq and Lebanon, Mantid is an expert in helping navigate the field and achieve cost savings and improved outcomes for all parties.

Among the tools we use is a Business Incubator model for start-ups, and a proprietary product called the IBCPR – Iraq Business Compliance Process Review which we use to help established companies achieve business process improvements. We also have proprietary tools to help companies bidding on works to fine tune compliance cost estimates so there are no surprises down the road.

And for Iraqi and Lebanese companies looking to understand complex U.S. compliance and accounting rules, Mantid helps navigate procurement regulations and international requirements. With our strategic legal partners, we also provide support for understanding and navigating U.S. sanctions and immigration matters.