From assisting in the establishment of your branch or company through comprehensive reviews of existing compliance to identify gaps and areas for improvement – Mantid supports the full life cycle of compliance needs for U.S. and international companies.

We provide a range of services including registered office location, registration, compliance with tax and labor laws, banking and insurance, official translation/interpretation services, security services, and more - tailored to the location and nature of your work.

We also help companies currently working in the jurisdictions to perform better. We have proprietary processes that we employ to methodically review your business operations and then make recommendations, based on decades of experience, that will fix problems, save money, and help you to cut through logjams. In this arena we have extensive experience untying the knot that some companies find themselves in, providing you a clear path forward.

We are experts at the full life cycle of compliance needs in Iraq, Lebanon, Guam and the Philippines, and we combine that expertise with substantial knowledge of the U.S. government contracting arena especially defense contracting. Our insights will give your team the advantage whether it is in the proposal phase or during execution.