Our Team

Leland Bettis

Managing Partner
Leland Bettis is a partner of Mantid International. Mr. Bettis has an extensive background as a founder in early stage and start-up environments as well as large organizations.

Over the past 20 years, his experience includes technology and cybersecurity start-ups, directing market-leading financial research and myriad consulting engagements. These activities include two successful exits.

Mr. Bettis is a founder and board member of the Pacific Center for Island Security which is a Guam based think tank and research institute that provides local perspective on geopolitical events.

Earlier, Mr. Bettis worked in governmental and intergovernmental affairs including over two decades of representation and negotiation work involving U.S. agencies (Department of Defense, Justice and Interior) as well as the U.S. Congress. His role in public policy includes over a decade of work at the United Nations and regional organizations.