Mantid International LLC is a U.S. consulting company with offices and representation in Beirut, Baghdad, and Washington, DC. We provide advisory services with a focus on government consulting, especially in the areas of business intelligence, political intelligence, public policy, anticorruption, and integrated solutions (architecture and engineering, security, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other disciplines). Mantid is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business that maintains collaborative agreements with large multinational firms and other strategic partners of the highest caliber. We are ITAR-certified brokers and are registered with the Federal Contractor Database.

Mantid focuses on government consulting and doing business in Iraq. Our principals have decades of experience in Iraq, understanding the political, economic, and social context, while also incorporating state-of-the-art best practices from around the world. Our experience and expertise includes crafting strategic and long-term plans, improving public policy, developing master plans, conducting security assessments, providing anticorruption training and assistance, and advising on organizational change-management issues. We partner with international firms that provide the best-in-breed solutions in security, technology, and communications. We also have partnerships with leading international architectural, engineering, and program-management firms. Through these partnerships, Mantid is capable of providing a full range of project-management services from procurement to execution to inspections—all designed to ensure that the client is getting the best possible value.

Our reputation is our trademark. We advance that reputation to our elite list of clients as our principals are involved in every engagement. We do not hand off our clients to our regional representatives or to mid-level staff members. Mantid executives routinely meet and communicate with senior Iraqi officials and private-sector leaders, including the cabinet members, parliamentarians and their staffs, provincial governors and council members, prominent politicians, and managers of major commercial consortiums.


The Mantid Group (Iraq) has broad knowledge and longstanding relationships in Iraq. Mantid provides consulting, training, equipment, and management support to a variety of Iraqi government clients. Mantid works with our Iraqi clients to identify potential international companies and investors capable of meeting the country’s growing private- and public-sector requirements. On the other side of the equation, Mantid provides its corporate clients with timely business and political intelligence on Iraqi affairs.

Mantid supports the integration of international firms into the Iraqi business environment, helping to vet and perform due diligence on local partners and subcontractors. To accomplish these missions, Mantid leverages the trust and respect that our personnel have earned over the past decade working with a diverse cross-section of Iraqi political, civil-society, and business figures. We maintain high-level relations with the current leaders of federal, regional, and provincial government entities and continue to cultivate support among reputable Iraqi, U.S., and regional companies and professionals. Mantid also liaises with U.S. and Iraqi diplomatic, defense, and government organizations to further our clients’ objectives, working to ensure that foreign companies operating in Iraq can deliver complete solutions that shine.

Navigating the complex environment in Iraq requires more than knowing the current political landscape. We assist clients in developing an awareness of the history of each institution, its key leaders and processes, and the complex alliances and red lines that may inform major decisions. Mantid possesses a wide range of contacts and knows how to develop solutions that take into account our client’s interests, Iraqi equities, and the particular challenges of the project at hand.

In addition to developing the right relationships, being able to navigate Iraq’s fluid business and political environment is crucial to the success of any commercial endeavor. Regulations in Iraq are numerous and opaque. For a foreign company looking to enter the market or expand its presence, there are a series of steps to take, and many potential pitfalls to avoid. Registering a company, getting ministerial approvals, thoroughly vetting staff and office locations, keeping costs low, and utilizing qualified and credible local resources are all matters that Mantid knows well.


Mantid International, SAL (Lebanon), headquartered in Beirut, has strong relationships with high-level business and government officials throughout the Middle East and Africa. Mantid links quality Lebanese companies and professionals with regional projects and leaders, providing a unique cultural and language bridge for our clients.

United States

In the United States, Mantid focuses on federal policy in emerging markets. We maintain ties to key decision makers, influential scholars, and major media outlets, and track Congressional and federal trends that will impact our clients. Mantid also provides advisory support to a number of U.S. commercial and government entities, keeping them apprised of the latest developments in the region. Our leadership is regularly consulted by influential media and academics on Iraq matters. Mantid executives participate in most conferences and events in Washington that concern Iraq, write articles for major online journals, and contribute to reports for the United Nations. We also maintain regular contact with Iraqi representatives based in the United States.

Mantid specializes in:

  • Consulting and Construction Project Management – Mantid and its partners can provide a team of experienced professional with expertise in state-of-the-art architecture and engineering support, master planning, and strategic planning. From consultancy and advisory services through training and execution, Mantid partners with top international firms with a full portfolio of capabilities, including school construction, affordable home projects, sports and healthcare facilities, waste management, and many other related disciplines.
  • Public Policy Consulting – Mantid integrates political, economic, service-delivery, and security solutions for national, state/provincial, and local governments. With regard to public policy concept-development and implementation, Mantid is capable of designing multifaceted approaches to the challenge of governing in difficult environments. Moreover, Mantid’s extensive contacts in the region allow it to arrange for productive partnerships between international investors, suppliers, and governments.
  • Business Intelligence and Anticorruption – Mantid assists our clients in identifying leading companies that have a demonstrated ability to deliver results Our expertise includes audits, evaluations, inspections, and investigations. We provide training and advisory services to government clients and independent performance oversight of particular projects and programs at the government’s direction. We are also a leader in formulating comprehensive anticorruption programs and in the independent monitoring of ongoing projects and contracts.
  • Technical Services - Mantid partners with industry leaders in many sectors, including healthcare (hospital management and medical training), education, and public works. Our partners include international firms that not only provide doctors and medical services, but also offer complete turn-key design, construction, equipment, and operational solutions for hospitals, clinics, and the IT systems that support them. We also partner with industry-leading companies with expertise in marine services and training, value engineering, and technical support.
  • Security Solutions – Mantid integrates state-of-the-art technology, management, and training for security, intelligence, and operations, including polygraph training and all elements of safe-city solutions. We support the full term of a project from identification, security assessment, planning, acquisition, professional training and integration through to the oversight of cost-effective, holistic solutions for security, information, and communication challenges. Mantid and its partners are among the global leaders in providing the complete range of security solutions, including: aerostat surveillance (balloons with cameras); closed-circuit television (CCTV);; unmanned aerial vehicles; and a wide range of security tools from personal-protection equipment and vehicles to surveillance and counter-surveillance devices. Together with our partners, we provide comprehensive analysis of the security environment and offer recommendations on the best equipment, services, and training available to deliver the highest levels of assurance for local populations.
  • Information-Technology and Telecommunications Solutions – Mantid’s partners include a leading local company that specializes in Internet, computers, and wireless communication—essential tools for government, businesses, and educators shaping the future. In addition, we partner with top international companies to provide e-government solutions, harnessing technology to make life easier for the average citizen. We can provide all of the essential elements for computing and network services, including VoIP, secure data transmission, remote access, satellite communications, videoconferencing, and data and network operations centers. We works with experts in big data fusion, analysis, and visualization. Mantid and its partners also conduct IT vulnerability assessments and provide remediation strategies. To complement these capabilities, we assist our clients with developing cyber-security strategies, including testing for system penetration, secure communications, and analyzing and mitigating advanced persistent threat campaigns.
  • Media, Public Relations, and Communications Strategies – Mantid can deliver customized media strategies allowing governments to eliminate some of the uncertainty presented by volatile opponents. Our experienced crisis-management experts combine a deep understanding of political intelligence to allow for the creation of effective media strategies that bring the community into partnership with government for a better future. We help to shape messages for international and local audiences, building grassroots political support for domestic political initiatives by engaging with civil-society organizations and overlooked stakeholders and by training media-relations professionals.