Mantid International LLC is a global management consulting firm that provides highly tailored, client-side strategies and integrated solutions to a diverse array of policy challenges. Our expertise includes:

  • Business intelligence and due diligence
  • Media, public relations, and communications strategies
  • Integration of state-of-the-art technology, management, and training for security, intelligence, and operations
  • Information-technology and telecommunications solutions
  • Strategic planning, change management, and e-government
  • Public policy development and implementation
  • Audit, evaluation, inspection, and investigations training and advisory services
  • Asset-recovery support and financial accountability advisory services
  • Anticorruption training and program development
  • Architecture & Engineering Consultancy, Project Management, Urban and Rural Planning.

Mantid also draws upon its expertise and relationships in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East to provide clients with:

  • Assistance and advice related to registration, qualification, contracting, and regulatory procedures
  • Proprietary insight into contemporary political and business developments
  • Identification and vetting of local business partners, professional staff, and subcontractors
  • Cultural and social advice, logistical support, and assistance with arranging and preparing for key meetings with government officials and business leaders

Vision + Values + Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in making sustainable improvements and achieving significant results that are recognized by their constituent base. To promote systemic improvements, Mantid acts as the strategic integrator of solutions across multiple disciplines, including business intelligence, planning, communications, and economic development. In delivering highly-tailored, consultative solutions that respond to our clientís needs, we excite, attract, and develop a cadre of governmental and business interests who cooperate to realize their respective self-interests. Where no best practices apply, we create highly innovative approaches to resolve complex problems. Our professionals are committed to upholding absolute standards of integrity, with deference and respect to local custom and culture. Our client and contact information is unequivocally confidential. We focus on retaining the confidence of our clients and helping them to achieve successónot on marketing.

We are independent. Rather than telling our clients what they want to hear, we inform them of what they need to know.

Our success is determined by our clientís outcomes.

Our Company

Mantid International Group maintains offices in Washington D.C., Beirut, Lebanon, and Baghdad, Iraq. Mantid International Groupís corporate structure allows it to be in full compliance with the different registration requirements in the United States, Lebanon, and Iraq, enabling it to focus solely on serving the client from day one of the engagement. To that end:

  • In the United States, Mantid International LLC is a woman-owned small business registered with the Federal Contracting Registry (DUNS # 078438383)
  • In Lebanon, Mantid International Ė Mantid International S.A.L. Offshore is a registered corporate entity in Beirut
  • Mantid Group also maintains corporate legal entities in Iraq including majority-owned Iraqi companies.

While the Mantid Group is two years old, each of the principals of the company bring with them many years in Iraq and a proven track record of integrity and trust. What makes Mantid special is its unique blend of US, Iraqi, Lebanese and European expertise with a strong focus on business in Iraq.


Our focus encompasses both the strategic and the tactical. With attention to detail during the entire decision-making process, our skilled professionals manage integrated approaches to ensure that the clientís desired outcomes are achieved.


Our team supplements independent research with extensive client consultations throughout the life of the engagement. We also confer with outside experts to identify efficient ways of addressing the clientís requirements. Our innovative responses include formulating cultural and political strategies that are calibrated to the clientís particular strengths and reflect an awareness of the unique operational environment.


We perform our work with the highest levels of intelligence, discretion, and integrity to ensure the valued trust of clients. We maintain the strictest ethical standards in the performance of highly sensitive work.


We thrive in unpredictable and volatile environments, providing clients with stable and dependable support over the course of the relationship. We are committed to designing solutions that will have a strategic impact over the long term.