Mantid International Global Strategic Consluting

Consulting services for planning, communications, economic development, asset recovery and anti corruption training.

Mantid International LLC Mantid International LLC is a global strategic consulting firm that provides highly tailored, client-side strategies and integrated solutions to a diverse array of policy challenges. Our expertise includes: strategic planning and communications, public policy development and implementation, economic development, financial-accountability advisory services, asset recovery, anti-corruption training and program support and change management.


Our focus encompasses both the strategic and the tactical. With attention to detail during the entire decision-making process, our skilled professionals manage integrated approaches to ensure that the client's outcomes are achieved... More


We provide advisory services to state institutions and private-sector clients, offering a range of services that enhance governance, accountability, and service delivery. In sum, we bridge the gaps between government, businesses, and non-governmental actors.


Partnered with experienced, creative, and internationally renowned independent consultants who serve as project leaders and subject matter experts to meet our client's needs. We hand pick only the top-tier of professionals, creating scalability, flexibility... More